About Us

  • Paul Neary, Managing Director

    Paul Neary Principal trainer has a rich background of experience in management and has trained and developed individuals and teams through consulting and training solutions since leaving the military in 1995, he has empowered and continues to develop all types of executives and professionals in the corporate arena and has been instrumental in change management with many high profile companies.

    Paul is an NLP and Hypnosis trainer, Chartered member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health.

    Paul through his experience of managing change with many corporate clients has developed his skills to ensure focused business based and well formulated solutions are delivered to individuals and business groups.

    Paul has worked with a number of clients and organizations both in the UK and internationally including:

    • • Royal Bank of Scotland
    • • NatWest Bank
    • • Escada Systems Europe Ltd
    • • Chevron Texaco – Angola
    • • Albert Abela Company – Angola
    • • Multi National Peace Keeping Force – Egypt/Israel

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